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A drop in the bucket is what we're looking for

Aqua-Africa’s mission depends on the financial support we receive from our donors. Tackling the water shortage in South Sudan requires a ground swell of support and contributions of all sizes are welcomed and appreciated. Whether a donation amounts to a drop, a bucket, or a reservoir, it represents another step in achieving our goals.


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2017 Annual Reports – Now Available

Aqua-Africa’s 2017 Annual Report is now being distributed.  If you did not receive a copy, you may view an electronic version by clicking on the link that follows: 2017 Aqua-Africa Annual Report



Nimule Town Village Supplier 2
  • Village: Nimule/Malakia

  • State: Irmatong

  • Country: South Sudan

  • Population: 50,000

  • Drilling Date: Sept 2017

  • Description: A 50,000 liter water tower with 6 distribution points. Two to the adjacent hospital and four to the community.


Fourth Annual Aqua-Run Approaching!

On Saturday, August 11th, we will be hosting our fourth annual Aqua-Run!

The Aqua-Run will be a 10K relay race in Elmwood Park. The catch? Runners will be carrying a half gallon of water on their backs in the form of a hydration pack! Each runner will carry the pack …

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