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A drop in the bucket is what we're looking for

Aqua-Africa’s mission depends on the financial support we receive from our donors. Tackling the water shortage in South Sudan requires a ground swell of support and contributions of all sizes are welcomed and appreciated. Whether a donation amounts to a drop, a bucket, or a reservoir, it represents another step in achieving our goals.


  • Mr. Tut Goes to Washington

    Aqua-Africa’s Executive Director Testifies before Congress

    August 1st was a big day for our Executive Director, Buey Tut.  While he’s become accustomed to delivering Aqua-Africa’s story to crowds throughout the country, rarely has an opportunity like speaking before Congress presented itself.

    The hearing, entitled “The Impact of U.S. Water Programs on Global …

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  • 7014009349_d16e3707cc_b
    Seven Questions with Buey Ray Tut

    He moved from Maiwut, South Sudan to Tennessee, then to Minnesota, and finally to Omaha, Nebraska with his family at age 11. Ten years later he was a member of the Omaha Public Library Board, student body vice president at UNO, district executive for the Boy Scouts, and co-founder …

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